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Bee swarm help

Honeybee swarm collection service

During the spring & summer swarming season (April-July), NBBKA are offering a swarm collection to the general public. Call our hotline number below to talk to someone about your swarm.

Please answer these questions in order to see our hotline number:

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How do I tell whether I have honeybees?

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The beekeeper may charge small amount to offset petrol and to compensate for false alarms (e.g. bumblebees, inaccessible). This fee is likely to be £10 and will be shared between NBBKA and the beekeeper. You'll discuss this on your call.

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We are just members of the public like you, we don't work for the council, so 'bee' nice to us.


We don't make any money on this call; in fact we pay to provide this service to you and the public.

Alternatively please use the national swarm collector finder if you have a swarm.

Here are some photos of the 2010 beginner students collecting a swarm at Willen. This is the principle of swarm collection shown in photos.