North Bucks Beekeepers' Association -

David Rice


YearTrophyTrophy PurposeWinning Class
2021Lady Chesham Challenge CupHighest overall points total in show 
2021Albert Toms ShieldHighest points total in the open honey classes excluding any class for which a specific award is made 
2021BW Apiary Cup Winner of class for six jars as for sale (class 9 to 2017, class 10 from 2018) 
2018Mini cupWinner of fruit cake (class 16 to 2017, class 17 from 2018) 


2022Plain cakeCakeFirst
2022Honey labelMiscFirst
2022Honey for saleHoneyThird
2022Light honeyHoney Third
2022Crystal honeyHoneyVHC
2022Five wax barsWaxVHC
2021Soft honeyHoneyFirst
2021Cut combHoneyFirst
2021Honey for saleHoneyFirst
2021Honey labelMiscFirst
2021Honey wineMeadSecond
2021Medium HoneyHoney Second
2021Plain cakeCakeSecond
2021Five wax barsWaxSecond
2019Black jarHoneyFirst
2019Light honeyHoney Second
2019Soft honeyHoneyThird
2019Plain cakeCakeThird
2019Crystal honeyHoneyVHC
2018Fruit cakeCakeFirst
2018Novice clear honeyNoviceFirst
2018Plain cakeCakeSecond
2018Black jarHoneyThird