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Register for 2024 Beginners' Course

Registration for the next beginner's course is now open. Please complete the form below. Your details will be stored to be processed by our volunteers at a later date, at which point you will be be contacted requesting payment of the course fees.

Note that you are simply registering your interest in the course and due to various factors you may not be guaranteed a place. The places are first-come, first-served and NBBKA reserves the right to deny a place to anyone.

Data protection: your details will be sent to and stored on our server outside the UK, for the purpose of the management of the beginner's beekeeping course. We will use your data to run the course. It will be visible to the NBBKA committee and our delegated teachers. If required we will pass names to the venue at which we run the course for their security purposes. We caputre your details so we know who you are in order to enter into a contract to provide you with services. You will be contacted to offer a place on the course, which is first come, first served. You will be contacted to give you details of the dates and times of the course, before and during the course (e.g. rescheduling). The legal basis for this is contractual. For full details, see our data protection / privacy policy.

If you are registering on behalf of a loved one, for example to buy them this course as a gift, please supply their name but your email address. If you are successful in gaining a place, and after you give them the gift, let us know and we'll update the email address.

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