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Some important operations in bee mngt.JohanssonBeekeeping practice and scientific research1978AvailableRequest
Honey CookeryMead, RuthIncludes medicinal, cosmetic & polish recipes AvailableRequest
Beekeeping for Beginners & Old HandsCountryside Audio & VisualDVD 90 minutes. John Furzey shares a lifetime of beekeeping experiences2000AvailableRequest
Health from HoneyCalder. MBiscuits, Cakes, Bread, Desserts and Beverages1979AvailableRequest
The Honey CookbookPopescu, CharlotteCookbook to celebrate the versatility of honey1997AvailableRequest
Honey Sources 2,3,4IBRAPollen grain, chemical composition, flavour & aroma findings1986AvailableRequest
Model Making from Beeswax SheetsBuckle, MartinLots of information and sketches AvailableRequest
Forgage for BeesIBRAForage in an agricultural landscape1994AvailableRequest
The Bee-Keepers Guide 5th EditionHerrod-HempsallManagement of bees in moveable comb hives1942AvailableRequest
Bees at the Bottom of the GardenCampion A.Good for beginners, clear explanations1984AvailableRequest

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